The Jeep Brand Seeks the Restless and the Ready

Restless has many meanings, but in the realm of the Jeep brand the most applicable definition is thus: it's the mentality of a driver who is always excited to find the road that's less traveled, to turn the bend when others won't and to summit mountains that seem insurmountable.

Simply put; for those who want to explore the world, a new Jeep model is likely to be your ideal automotive companion. In a new ad, Ready the automaker points out that the 2014 Cherokee is particularly apt as it offers up best-in-class capability and a standard select terrain system that's exclusive to the automaker.

To learn more about the off-road brand as a whole, or to arrange test drives in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, please stop by our showroom at Lambert Auto Sales. Conveniently housed in Claremont, NH, during your visit we're happy to continue the discussion while reviewing the model's complete specs.

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