Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD Faster than Ever Before

High speed pursuits are not unfamiliar to the brave men and women who make up this country's law enforcement. Charged with keeping everyone safe, our nation's crime-fighting officers are often forced to engage in car chases to catch the bad guys. Fortunately, they have a fast and furious Dodge available to them.

Actually, you're probably already familiar with the police cruiser's brethren. That's because it's one of the more delightfully feisty new Dodge models in our Claremont, NH showroom: the Charger.

But, we digress. Returning to the Dodge Charger Pursuit, as it's aptly coined, this all-wheel drive vehicle is specially designed for law enforcement personnel. You know what that means: it's engineered to be quick and responsive. In fact, the 2014 example the American automaker's robust police cruiser is faster than ever before.

Happily, that's not an exaggeration. You see, at a recent annual Police Vehicle evaluation held by The Great Lakes' state troopers, the 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit AWD clocked its fastest lap time. Clocking in at 1:33:85, the police cruiser sped around the Grattan Raceway quicker than the recorded 1:34:75 average.

As you'd expect, that remarkable haste is helped by the model's Dodge parts, which this year includes a V6 and V8 engine. In addition to affording the Charger Pursuit with quick speeds, those powerplants each offer segment-leading stopping performance.

Of course, we should remind you that similarly thrilling driving dynamics are available to those outside of the police force, too. If you'd like to arrange a test drive of the civilian Dodge Charger, we welcome you to visit our showroom at Lambert Auto Sales, anytime.

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