Jeep Brand Delivers Three 2013 Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards

As we get to see here every day at Lambert Auto Sales in Claremont, NH, fans of the Jeep new model lineup absolutely love what the rugged, capable, efficient, and stylish models can do for them in terms of off-road capabilities, and all the adventures that can bring along the way.

So recently, when the automaker was the recipient of three notable automotive lifestyle awards, we as a dealership were obviously pleased, but we can't exactly say we were surprised.

Yes indeed, at the recent tenth annual 2013 Active Lifestyle Vehicle Awards, held in Arizona, Jeep won three individual awards, more than any other automaker involved in the competition.

What were the specific awards that Jeep won you may be wondering? They won the Best-Value On-Road award for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, the Luxury Off-Road award also for the 2014 Cherokee, and the Best Alternative Fuel/Powertrain Green Model award for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee EcoDeisel.

Mike Manley, President and CEO for the Jeep Brand, Chrysler LLC had this to say about the impressive awards taken home by the new Jeep model lineup, "We are thrilled to have won these important Active Lifestyle Vehicle awards for the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. They are especially rewarding as Jeep vehicles more than any others represent a true active lifestyle."1

If you would like to take one of these excellently reviewed Jeep models for a test spin, visit us at Lambert Auto Sales in Claremont, NH.

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